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    Fair Carbon

    The FAIR CARBON platform aims to help you choose the best offsetting solution for your business’ or organisation’s environmental impacts in a conscious and transparent way.

    By purchasing the Certified Carbon Credits we have carefully selected, you can offset your greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to mitigate climate change, generating at the same time a wide range of environmental, social, economic, health, and biodiversity co-benefits.

    Your purchase will directly finance the development of projects and initiatives that we implement in developing countries, together with our partners, in a concrete and transparent manner.

    What is a Carbon Credit?

    A Carbon Credit is a certificate which verifies the reduction of one  metric ton of CO2 eq. (carbon dioxide equivalent). One Carbon Credit equals one metric ton of CO2 eq. prevented from entering (or removed from) the atmosphere.


    All The Carbon Credits selected for FAIR CARBON have been certified by the most recognised independent international standards (CDM, Gold Standard, VCS, Social Carbon, Plan Vivo) guaranteeing the highest quality, value and transparency.

    The Carbon Credits that we have chosen, have been generated through different projects:


    “Offset” Your Own Emissions: What Does This Mean?

    Companies, organisations, and individuals can voluntarily choose to buy Carbon Credits to enhance their sustainability, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to global climate change mitigation.

    The greenhouse gas emissions produced by the activity of a company can be compensated by purchasing Carbon Credits. Once your emissions (or Carbon Footprint) are completely compensated by purchasing an equivalent quantity of Carbon Credits, they then become “neutralised” and thus your activity becomes Carbon Neutral.


    Why choose Fair Carbon

    Every project selected for FAIR CARBON has been certified by independent bodies according to the best international standards (CDM, Gold Standard, VCS, Social Carbon, Plan Vivo). This process ensures that emission reductions have actually occurred (they are additional, permanent and verifiable) and that the projects comply with high social, economic and environmental requirements.

    Furthermore, every Certified Credit on FAIR CARBON has a unique ID number. When purchased, the Credit is “tracked” (which technically means “cancelled”) from the proper register held by a third party guaranteeing that one Credit can be used solely for one compensation activity. This helps to avoid that the same Carbon Credit could be sold more than once.

    Lastly, only the FAIR CARBON approach guarantees that the neutralisation of the emissions is unequivocally associated to a unique company and linked with a real impact reduction.


    After your order has been confirmed, you will receive an emission neutralisation certificate and a communication kit. This kit will contain all the information about the project that generated the Carbon Credits used for compensation/neutralisation. This kit will provide, videos, pictures, and a detailed description of the project both in Italian and English. The purpose of this kit is to help you promote your commitment against climate change in an easy and professional way .

    How to use Fair Carbon


    Using FAIR CARBON is easy!

    Once you register, you willl receive your access credentials by e-mail. After logging in on the platform, you will be able to choose among different projects and select the desired Carbon Credit amount.

    After selecting the project and the Credit amount, you can send the order directly from the platform or you can download a quotation with just a simple click.

    Thanks to FAIR CARBON you have the opportunity to neutralize your emissions in a secure and transparent way with the best Certified Carbon Credits selected for you.

    Our team is at your service to provide any support you need for browsing on faircarbon.it

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